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Can all of Mumbai go out to eat on the same day?

Can all the restaurants, bars and rooftops whatever accommodate everyone - if everyone went out to eat on the same day?


We need the following variables:

- The population

- The number of restaurants

- The average duration of the meal

- The average restaurant capacity

We can extract the last two variables with the help of the first two.

We know that the population of Mumbai is about 20 million. The number of restaurants in Mumbai stand at about 87,000

Let's assume that a restaurant is open for 12 hours a day.

Table below represents how many times all of Mumbai could dine out for a day.

If the restaurant is open for 12 hours and an average meal is 10 minutes then one restaurant can feed 12*60/10 = 72 guests per seat.

A restaurant with capacity 10 can feed 720 guests.

87,000 restaurants (assuming the average capacity of 10 people) can feed roughly about

87,000 ∗ 720 = 6.3 * 10^7 guests

which is roughly 3.1 * 20 million people

Why 3.1?

This number acts as a constant. If the capacity is less than 0, we can safely say that anything below zero is not a feasible scenario.

So, can all of Mumbai actually go out and eat on the same day?

Yes! - depending on the capacity of restaurant. As long as diners eat in 30 minutes or less (for a restaurant capacity of 10 people), all of Mumbai can go out to eat on the same day.

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