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#12 What is the number of cricket bats sold in India in one year?


We need two variables for this problem

- The percent of people who play cricket in India

- The average life span of a cricket bat

Out of a population of 1.38 * 10^9 people in India, it can be reasonably assumed that more than 1 percent of the population but less than 100% of the population play cricket. Let’s take the geometric mean of about 30%

Or, about 4.14 * 10^8 people can reasonably assumed to play cricket.

We can approach this in another way as well. The number of people who watch cricket in India stands at about 7.66 x 108 people. Not all of them can play cricket. But again, about 30% of them can be reasonably expected to play cricket. Or, about 2.29 * 108 people can play cricket. Of course not all of these people perhaps even use a bat. But, let’s choose to skip over that fact.

The average lifespan of a cricket bat can reasonably be assumed to last at about 5 years (since not all these players are professional). Assuming one bat for each of these players, the number of cricket bats sold in India can be about 230 million / 5 = 46 million.